Edward Banks (background)


High concept: Confidence Man
Trouble Aspect: If I’m not in control I’m nothing

Edward was born in a farming town. His father was a merchant who would bring goods from town to the city. With his father traveling so much Edward spent much of his time learning the trade from his fathers business partner Grant.
When Edward couldn’t keep the secret that Grant was sexually abusing him his father went into a rage and killed Grant.
Edwards family was forced to leave his fathers business behind. They took the capital that remained to them and set up in the city where they could disappear into the crowd. Edward’s father never managed to shake the rage that infested him that night. When he lost control he unleashed it on eddie.

Rising Conflict:
At ten and three years Edward left home unable to put up with his father any longer. He was already spending more time on the street than at home and had begun to make a tidy living as a pick pocket working for a local gang. For many years the streets were his home and he applied the lessons gifted to a merchants son to life on the street.

The Story:
When the age of conscription hit and it was time for him to serve his kingdom Edward knew it would be easy enough to slip through the system and avoid service. He himself could have forged any paperwork he’d need. But Edward had begun to think of the advantages of being able to appear to have a prestigious public face and decided that any fame or infamy he gained from the army would endow him with respect he deserved from both legitimate and illegitimate sides of society.

When Edward was tested and placed in the military his talents landed him a position serving under one of the Smartest generals in the Kingdom Gauldus Brand. Brand saw the true Edward, that scared boy from all those years ago that never got the chance to understand that the weak didn’t deserve what they got, the weak needed help to grow strong. Brand took a special intrest in Edward and trained him in his signature weapon the trident. Not only that but he saw the Eddie had an exceptional mind, sometimes understand or knowing things that should have been next to impossible to know. Brand taught Eddie about war and politics. The need for just rule. Brand believed in truth, but even with Brands influence Edward believed in that sometimes the only way to help others was to get the power you needed to distribute that help as you saw fit. The stupid can’t govern themselves, and they won’t give up power unless they believe they haven’t. Eddie could never understand someone giving up control, someone trusting someone else with something they couldn’t do for themselves. The only way he could imagine giving someone control was to be tricked into that loss of control, and he couldn’t imagine anyone else thinking different. In his mind the only reason peoples opinions varied from his was stupidity not temperament.

During a Campaign to push back some border raiders Brand gave command of half his legion to Edward. Brand would march forward as the enemy would expect, Edward would take the half legion and leave a day ahead of brand to march around through the woods. Edward would bring his legion in to flank the raiders after Brand engaged. Edward and Brand worked the timings out and Edward left shaking Brands hand. Three days later Edwards legion was ambushed marching through the woods. It was a bloody battle and Edwards legion was outnumbered two to one, yet their superior training and equipment proved to much for the raiders. Yet there were only a handful of men left in marching condition. Edward left the wounded with supplies and pushed on ahead. He had to reach the field on time, the raiders would have a smaller force left after this attack and he would have to merge his force with Brand’s and tell him what had happened.

When Edward’s men reached the edge of the woods they were spotted by scouts. At the same time Edward saw that Brands legion had not arrived as it should have. Edward knew the scouts had them spotted, that without Brands force his didn’t stand a chance against the remainder of the horde. He did the only thing that made sense to him. He ordered a full retreat, leaving the wounded behind. The handful of troops returned to camp to find no sign of Brands legion. After the kingdom brought in a new commander and the raiders were put down Eddie searched the path Brand was to take and saw many signs of movement and combat, but it had been so long that the truth of what happened seemed elusive. There were not enough bodies though and no sign of Gauldus Brand. The kingdom branded Brand a traitor and offered a bounty on his head. Edward felt empty. Part of him didn’t believe that Brand could do something like that, that Brand would abandon him but so much of his life experience taught him that you can’t trust people and to believe the facts, nothing else made sense.

To this day Edward does not know what happened to Brand, and blames the deaths of his wounded comrades on Brand rather than accepting any of the blame himself.

Because of his near perfect memory Edward remembers the names of all but the lowliest of foot soldiers that accompanied Brand. He has been scouring the land for any of those men in hopes of finding out what happened. So far, no luck.

Edward Banks (background)

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