In the Realm of Ahktan Pau Dracha,or which loosely translates to the common tongue as Home of the Dragons or Dragons Nest. Seven great kingdoms of man have risen from the stone. The Great Dragons are revered as gods and man and the other lesser races gladly due their biding to gain their favor and protection.

Most of the kingdoms get along maintaining uneasy alliances each believing that their god is greater than the others. Maintaining open borders for trade but a few kingdoms are bitter rivals and stop short of open war only to keep from angering their Deities.

The larger kingdoms have upwards of 4 or 5 Great Dragons to look over their lands while the smaller have a meager 1 or 2. Though their borders do not reach as far, the smaller kingdoms remain unmolested by the others for good reason. Often housing a great dragon of grand battle prowess who simply does not desire to share what his land has to offer.

Dragons of the Seven Kingdoms

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